Haute Couture

Charles Frederick Worth (1825 – 1895), is  widely considered the Father of “Haute Couture”. He was a 19th century English fashion designer, whose works were produced in Paris. “Haute Couture” is the French for “high dressmaking” or “high sewing”. A couture garment is made specifically for one person alone. This in itself requires many processes and often time consuming, hand executed, additional detail.

What A Designer / Dressmaker Can Do For You.

Help you to choose a style for that wedding dress of your dreams, advise you about and source fabric for you and construct a gown in which you will feel a million dollars and that will fit you perfectly. It’s nearly as good as chocolate isn’t it?

What A Designer / Dressmaker Cannot Do For You.

Make you the wedding dress of your dreams in one month flat when you live at least 200 miles away, work full time and don’t drive a car! This is an extreme example but if you are reading this because you fancy the idea of having me make your wedding dress and you live in furthest Cornwall, work full time, have 2.4 children, then choosing me as your dressmaker is not necessarily a good idea! That is not to say that I wouldn’t be delighted to hear from you but realistically speaking you could probably make life a lot easier for yourself by choosing somebody nearer to home.