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A little bit of movement for weddings from 1st August in England. Wedding receptions for up to 30 people will be permitted.

Given that things go well and all things being equal, larger events such as conferences may also be permitted from October. As yet, there is no indication about whether there will be a phased increase in the permitted number of guests / event attendees between August and October. 

Receptions can only take place in Covid secure venues, so over the coming days it is expected that guidance (yes, more guidance) on exactly what will and what will not be permitted, will be published. This will hopefully give businesses and venues a more structured framework in which they can plan for social gatherings.

From November, the Government is aiming for a “more significant return to normality” – it obviously has an eye on Christmas!

In order to control and contain the spread of Coronavirus in a particular area, the governing local authority for that area now has the power to close premises / industries and to reduce the minimum permitted numbers.

There is unquestionably a long and bumpy road ahead here but at long last we do appear to have a small amount of movement.

Watch this space for further info.

17th July 2020

is your once in a lifetime dress short and sassy, straight out of the 1950s, tailored and figure hugging or a froth of delicate tulle?

Whatever it is that is in your mind we can turn the dream into reality.

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