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Why Choose to have your Gown Made to Measure?

Choosing a made to measure bridal gown as opposed to an off the peg gown will always ensure a unique gown or outfit that fits perfectly and makes you feel a million dollars. That said there are several factors which will influence such a decision, a few of which I have outlined here for you.
One of the most important factors will be your own body! You may be very tall or very short, you may have a very full bust or be long in the waist with short legs, you may have had a limb amputated or a scar that you wish to cover up etc. etc. The list is endless. If you fit into any of the above slots or variations thereof then choosing a made to measure gown is a good idea.

You may have a specific idea for your bridal gown eg. a cornflower blue shift with matching chiffon train and gold beaded detail around the hem! The likelihood of finding this in the shops is remote.

The Possible Downside of Made to Measure

Yes, there is one. One of the main difficulties I hear time and time again is that ladies are often very nervous of having something made because they can’t see the finished product beforehand. This is where off the peg scores highly and I would recommend any bride considering made to measure to go and try on all sorts of different gowns and get a good idea of what looks good and what doesn’t.

Time is another factor which I will discuss more fully in “couture ~ how does it happen?” but if you choose made to measure you will have to invest a certain amount of your time ie going for fittings, choosing fabrics etc.

The other possible difficulty is choosing a designer / dressmaker. Where does one start? Number one – ask around. A word of mouth recommendation is always the best. Yellow pages, bridal fairs, magazines and the web are all excellent sources of information. Having chosen a few names, visit them and get the feel of what she or he can do for you. Some designers have a certain “style” eg. they may concentrate solely on slim gowns in fabulous fabric with minimal detail which is wonderful but no good to you if you see yourself in a “Queen Elizabeth 1st” type gown!

FAQs – Other Reasons, Frequently Asked Questions and Some Myths Dispelled About Why You Would Choose To Have Your Bridal Gown Made To Measure

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is your once in a lifetime dress short and sassy, straight out of the 1950s, tailored and figure hugging or a froth of delicate tulle?

Whatever it is that is in your mind we can turn the dream into reality.



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