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The lovely Emily

Bridesmaids, as you are probably just discovering, come is all ages, shapes, sizes, colouring and different personalities. They usually live in various locations, none of them local! No, that’s not true but we often find bridesmaids scattered the length and breadth of the UK as well as abroad which always presents an interesting challenge!

Happily, over the years, we have managed to cope with most bridesmaids including unexpected pregnancies, limbs in plaster, crash diets as well as sudden spells of living in the fridge with the predictable results of consuming a zillion calories a day. All good fun! I think it’s fair to say that if there is one thing I have learned over the years as far as bridesmaids are concerned is that flexibility is the answer to getting the best results all round.

The Meadmore Bridesmaids

The more bridesmaids there are the greater the chances are that they will not all be happy with the bride’s preferred choice of colour, style etc. The beauty of having their dresses made to measure is that you can accommodate the bridesmaid who really, really does not want to wear a strapless dress or the bridesmaid who hates wearing sleeveless dresses.

There are many variations on this theme and I would always advise that it’s best to go with a style that best suits your bridesmaid. There is no rule that says they must all be the same and there is nothing worse than being “uncomfortable” in your dress, it shows on the photos, videos and general demeanour on the day which is not what anyone wants.

is your once in a lifetime dress short and sassy, straight out of the 1950s, tailored and figure hugging or a froth of delicate tulle?

Whatever it is that is in your mind we can turn the dream into reality.


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