Nat and Dave take the plunge – literally!

I have been asked over the years for some shall we say “off the wall” dress requirements but Nat’s dress I think beats them all so far.

Natalie first of all wanted a “Celtic” feel to her dress, music to my ears, she also didn’t want ivory and she was getting married in Scotland even more music to my ears but then came the sting in the tail. Natalie and her husband to be were going to do a bungee jump in their finery as part of their wedding celebration!  Deep intake of breath. Happily Natalie did not want a full skirted dress as I had no idea how I was going to anchor a flowing skirt to the ankle straps in order to protect her modesty. Added to the general dilemma of designing a dress that would withstand the rigors of a bungee jump harness Natalie insisted that the whole thing was to be kept a strict secret – fine – but her lovely Mum was going to be attending every fitting!

To cut a story short, we coped! The dress was in fact two pieces a corset and fitted, fish-talied skirt in a stunning turquoise silk which allowed the harness to be fitted.

Ironically, the corset and skirt survived the harness and jump but she lost one bead at the ceilidh!

Sit back and watch “Nat & Dave Take The Plunge” – rather them than me. The Highland Fling Bungee Jump company’s photo album of the jump is here.

Natalie and Dave’s bungee jump took place in beautiful Perthshire and was organised by Highland Fling Bungee. Their website and contact details are here.